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Our Facility
We feel it is very important to keep up with the changing technology and are constantly upgrading and adding new equipment to provide the best repair possible. Here is some description as to what your vehicle’s visit to Brennan’s involves:
The estimation process begins in our office where you will be greeted and assisted. One of our knowledgeable estimators will look at the vehicle with you to obtain details of the damage. A computerized analysis is then generated using either the Mitchell or Audatex Automated Estimation System. Being linked with several insurance companies, direct repair programs means that we can send photos, along with an estimate, directly to the insurance adjuster via internet for immediate approval.
Body Shop
Once the repair has been approved, scheduled and arrives on the day of repair, it is given a preliminary wash. It then enters the body shop area where teardown, repair and parts replacement take place. Using our Pro Spot resistance welding equipment, we can duplicate the same looking & structurally sound welds that are created during the manufacturing of your car. Vehicles that require mechanical repairs are sublet to a capable mechanical facility.
Using our Chief frame repair and Chief velocity measuring equipment we have access to factory measurements to numerous, specific points on your full framed truck and your unibody framed car. The preliminary laser measurement obtains data that shows exactly where and if any damage is. Once pulls and or repairs/replacements of components are completed, the final laser measurement and printout ensure the vehicle is dimensionally correct.
Prep Station
Next vehicles are moved to one of the 2 GFS (Global Finishing Systems) prep stations where dust and pollutants are controlled by a wall of dust extraction filters for sanding operations and a venting system to remove primer fumes and overspray.
Paint Department
Next stop is the paint dept. where your vehicle is masked for preparation for the final painting process. Our GFS down draft paint booth can deliver a flawless finish by ensuring a perfect painting environment that has correct flow around the vehicle. Our booth is equipped with a bake cycle to assist in drying and curing the paint to a factory finish. Using our Sikken’s paint system, we have access to a database of thousands of factory color codes, and the equipment and technology necessary to ensure factory match and shine.
Wash Bay
When all repairs are completed the vehicle is returned to the detail/wash bay where it is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Your vehicle will then be parked in front of the office ready for same day pick up or parked in our locked compound for storage.
Paintless Dent Repair
Not all damage requires body repair and paint refinishing. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) may be the best solution if your vehicle has dents, dings or hail damage that are not close to body lines and have not cracked the paint finish. For this process we call in the professionals at Dent Force to provide a cost effective solution to repairing your vehicle. PDR uses specialized tools and techniques to manipulate metal back to its original shape and condition. Typically, repairs take less time, cost less than traditional methods, do not affect the factory finish and are an environmentally friendly option for repairs. For more information on PDR click on the link for Dent Force or ask our appraiser for more information.